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Anéa Costumes isn't a costume factory, nor a regular sewing shop. It's not the place to come for commissions. Anéa Costumes is about research, which sometimes result in actual attires. The attires is a result of experimentation with theories and textiles. They're not first and foremost made to be worn, they're a part of a learning process. However, that doesn't mean they AREN'T worn. They've been worn at many an occasion, especially at historical faires and balls.

It started with a fascination for historical costumes, stage costumes and in general clothes that seemed larger than life. It continued with an interest in musical theatre and ditto costumes, and it continued into art history studies and a desire to understand how the garments in the portraits worked, and how clothes were made and worn historically. It led me into dress history, into studying textiles and dyes, traditions and sumptuary laws, embroidery and jewelry, gender and nationality - into everything influencing what people were and why, and how.

Today I work professionally with dress history, as an art docent and lecturer. I tailor make lectures and talks for different groups, I talk on radio on given subjects, and I'm an art docent at two different museums in Norway. This costume site is a glimpse into when I was at my most active with making garments and accessories. I do make stuff now and then these days as well, but it's getting longer and longer between each complete attire. I've become more theoretical. More boring, one might say.

I have other interests as well. I love traveling, especially around Europe where different cultures and languages is only a short plane trip away. Italy and Greece is particularly high on my list, as is most big cities really. I also love cooking, reading, movies and art in general.

I hope you enjoy browsing through here. Thank you for visiting!


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