This costume was supposed to be a replica of a beautiful bridal gown from the musical "Which Witch". One day, while looking for another fabric, I stumbled across this golden brocade fabric which seemed very similar to the original. Of course I had to buy it, expensive or not. But even though I've worked a lot on this gown, and also altered it quite some times, I never felt that I had captured the beauty of the WW bridal gown. One main issue is of course that I bought just too little fabric, so that I had enough for skirt and sleeves, but not the bodice. I bought another gold fabric for the bodice, it it never looked truly good together. So it has hung in my closet for a long time. But one day I found some close ups of one of the costumes used by the heroine in "Pirates of the Caribbean". And it struck me: isn't my gown surprisingly similar in both colour and model, except for the sleeves? After comparing the gowns I concluded they were. So I have made new sleeves, and also added some trim, and voila! I can soon sing "a Pirates life for me...." :D

The skirt, sleeves and most of the bodice is made of this golden silk brocade, while the pointed front of the bodice is made of embroidered thai silk. The bodice is heavy boned with metal boning, and lined with white calico. A thin padding is placed between the boning and the silk in the front. The sleeves are tube formed fabric which is pleated in place, displaying white laces underneath. They are lined with burgundy poly. The bodice is currently laced, but I might change that to hooks instead. Much easier.

This gown has been my big dream - and my greatest misery. I've been changing and changing it, without success. I've never been completely satisfied, and the main reason is that I always end up buying too little fabric. But finally - it seem like the new fabric I bought changed the gown to become what I hoped for. The sleeves are altered, so that they are resemblant to the sleeves from POTC. They are lined with burgundy polyester, and will have some nice laces attached when I find some suitable ones. The skirt has got a mock opening, and will be trimmed with a golden/white ribbon. The bodice is like the old version, but with a new fabric on top. Oh yes, I think this will be good.

I haven't got an accurate pattern to display on this site, but I made a draft before making the gown. My sketch had princess seams in the back, but I didn't keep that in the finished gown. Another detail which is changed, is the curved line in the front panel/neck lining - I honestly thought it too difficult... But the rest of the details is, as far as I remember, kept.

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