The ELISSA costume
from "Phantom of the Opera"

This skirt was modeled after the US versions as far as possible. This includes a green skirt with a red pleated hem, red apron, and a red backdrape with various colour details. The tabs has a specific design, in black, gold, green and red. The false bodice area is short, and curved in front, and has elaborate beading underneath. The skirt was made as a present for Las Vegas' Meg Giry, Brianne Kelly Morgan, from the forum "Deserted Phans".


1. Christine as slavegirl and Elissa, Maria Bjørnson, 1986.
2. An unused costume idea for the Degas costume, Maria Bjørnson, 1986.
3. Minoan snake goddess statuette ca. 1600 BC, possible inspiration.
4. Minoan goddess statuette, possible inspiration.
5. Queen Elissa costume design, Maria Bjørnson, 1986.


1. Sarah Brightman, Broadway, 1988
2. Marni Raab, US tour, ca. 2007
3. Julie Hanson, Broadway, ca. 2005
4. Sierra Boggess, Las Vegas, 2007
5. Geena Jeffreys-Mattox, Las Vegas, 2007
6. Elena Jeanne Batman, Las Vegas, 2007


Underskirt of doom, made of 18 meters of black netting

The pleated hem, made of red/gold brocade, four rows of gold trims, and lots of tassels

Main skirt made, trying on the different pieces to see how it goes together

The tabs, hand painted fabric decorated with lots of gems and sequins

The hand painted tabs in different states of making

Adding trims and beaded belt

The beaded belt is made of three large brooches with large golden, red and green gems in between

Working on a too large backdrape on a too small hotel room floor... 10 meters in total.

Working on the backdrape and the peplum in the back

The finished skirt before being given away

My "Phantom of the Opera" costume replicas

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