LATEST: Skirt in progress. Fully sewn, but lots of decorations remains.

This costume started by the finding of a golden/mustard damask with a leaf motif. The fabric reminded me so much of the Gypsy Girl costume Meg briefly wears in the mock opera Don Juan Triumphant in "Phantom of the Opera". The fabric was on extreme clearance, so I bought four meters with the idea of maybe someday make the costume. I also found a red Chinese brocade with blue and golden pattern which I thought would be good for the tabs. And suddenly the costume was rolling.

 photo gypsyfannycerrito_zps256dbd28.jpg Amalia Ferraris photo gypsyamaliaferraris_zps778f674f.jpg Adelina Patti photo gypsyadelinapatti_zpseb4ed50d.jpg Gabriela Nicholson photo gypsyhamburggabrielanicholson_zps41ca7526.jpg Anna Forbes photo passarinoannaforbes2011kopi2_zpsa11ac343.jpg  photo gypsylasvegasbriannemorgan_zpsdb071be2.jpg Jennifer Wagstaffe photo gypsycopenhagenjenniferwagstaffe_zpsc30d1dd0.jpg

1. Fanny Cerrito in "La Sicilienne".
2. Amalia Ferraris in “L’etoile de Messine”.
3. Adelina Patti as "Esmeralda".
4. Gabriela Nicholson, Hamburg.
5. Anna Forbes, West End.
6. Brianne Kelly Morgan, Las Vegas.
6. Jennifer Wagstaffe, Copenhagen.

I started with the mustard skirt. I used all four meters, in A shaped panels, so it would be a bit wider at them hem and in the waist. The waist was gathered in rich pleats, and these were attached to a waistband of matching fabric. The hem was then stiffened with a broad strip of horsehair braid, so it would retain a nice bell shape.

The skirt will eventually get ribbons forming a Harlequin pattern. Haven't decided if I'll use all red, or red and blue trims for this.

 photo gypsyskirt_zps34d9b54f.jpg
The skirt before hemming

The tabs are made of red Chinese brocade with a floral pattern in gold and blue. There are four tabs, and each is decorated with multiple trims, both to get more structure and to get the distrinct stripes. The bottom has gold fringes (and there will eventually be coloured tassels on top), with a broad leaf trim in mustard, purple, red and blue. The next row is a broad golden metallic trim with a red and green rosy trim on top. Over there is a golden and blue fringe trim, and the very upper one is the repeat of the leaf trim from the hem.

 photo gypsytabs_zps0fb6acb9.jpg  photo gypsyfirsttrim_zpsf989ca49.jpg  photo gypsytrims_zps5451ca13.jpg


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