The opening costume from the 1965 movie "Sound of Music". The costume is worn by Julie Andrews in the role of novice Maria, as she sings the famous song "The Hills Are Alive (Sound of Music)" in the Austrian mountains.

Julie Andrews as novice Maria in Sound of Music. This is probably the most iconic costume she wore in that movie.

This costume was a commission, and the idea was to make it as close to the movie costume as possible. Which meant I spent some time watching the scene to see how the costume moved, and also photos to see closeup of the construction and the details.

The main dress is plainer than I expected, but also proper for a nun-to-be. It's the stripy apron making the costume iconic. So I spent a lot of time looking for the right stripy fabric. I thought I had found it when I came across a 100 year old discarded tablecloth of white and blue stripes. But when I had made the apron it was clear the linen of the fabric was too stiff, it didn't move or drape well. So that apron was given away and a new search for the right fabric started. An online costume maker offered to design one for me through Spoonflower, but the same day I found a really good viscose fabric. I used it on the reverse side, as it gave the right colours to the apron. It was also soft and nice and moved so well.

The first and the second apron I made. The first had cool stripes, but did not drape well.

The main dress was first made as a cotton mockup which I tried on the client. I used my folk costume jacket as basis, as it has a lovely curved construction in the sleeves, and a nice touch to the shoulders. The dress is front closed, with snap buttons for stage wear, but hidden under large black buttons so it looks historical. The skirt is made of two large pieces slightly A cut, sewn together and gathered in the waist. The dress is made of black linen, lined with black cotton in the bodice, and black polyester in the sleeves so they're more slippery and easy to get on/off.

The dress has been used for a video blog as well as performances on stage, and the client seems very happy with it. I love the final look, and especially the apron which just drapes so well. I also strived to make the inside of the dress nice, just so the wearer feels it's an exclusive item. This meant hand finishing the lining and the overall seams on the inside.

The finished costume.

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