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August 2017:
The site is in desperate need of an upgrade, due to change in the photo host's new policy, and also because a lot of the info is outdated. However, I don't know when I'll find the time for it. If you have any questions in the mean time, feel free to contact me!

August 2014:
A new dressing gown in the making! Updates to come. Gypsy Girl skirt also more or less done. Now on to the bodice.

May 2014:
Not much time for sewing these days :/

December 2013:
The Imperial Byzantine outfits are done!

October 2013:
Two new projects has been added to the site - Imperial Byzantine outfits, and
another Phantom costume; the Meg Gypsy Girl costume.

August 2013:
Some new costume project started!

December 2012:
I finally made that dress in Roman style I've been planning for years.
Added a small gallery on the Sound of Music costume I made earlier this year.

February 2012:
Working on a new costume - the Sylvian Glade.
An article about The Ottoman kaftan and the Italian adaptions.

January 2012:
Major additions to the Italian dress galleries.

December 2011:
Wore a couple of my dresses in public, at a Satunalia. Pictures to come..

August 2011:
I've gotten my own costume site on Facebook!.

June 2011:
New saccoccia finished. Ditto for Phantom wristbands.

May 2011:
The blue Peacock dress was finally finished and photographed.

April 2011:
I've bought costumes... Oh boy, have I bought costumes! Phantom costumes! Read about it here and here.

February 2011:
The the costume gallery and the research has been split into two.

February 2011:
A new costume - the Triton - is online.

January 2011:
Added the new apron and partlet to the "stash" gallery.

December 2010:
Most Renaissance galleries has been updated. Links in main site.

October 2010:
Galleries over extant Italian Renaissance clothes for men has been added, along with a portrait gallery. Links in main site.

September 2010:
Lots of progress on the Elissa V02 skirt

August 2010:
New pictures of both the Aminta and new Elissa costume.
Renaissance fashion of Emilia-Romagna has gotten its own gallery.

July 2010:
Most Renaissance galleries have been updated. Links in main site.

June 2010:
Believe it or not, there have been progress on the POTO wedding dress!

May 2010:
A lot of new photos of the Elissa V02 skirt

April 2010:
New pictures of the Peacock gown
A lot of new photos of the Elissa V02 skirt

March 2010:
Finally finished the bunad jakke

February 2010:
Added the research page To stay or not to stay...

January 2010:
Has added a page about extant Italian dresses to the site

January 2010:
Has started a new project, Elissa V02

November 2009:
Pictures of a recently made (and finished) wedding dress

October 2009:
Everything of my old Geocities died when Geocities went offline October 26.th. Sorry for eventual broken links and missing sites....

September 2009:
Pics of the in-process Star Princess mask is online
New Aminta pictures

August 2009:
New pictures of the POTO Masquerade costume is added
New pictures of the Peacock gown

July 2009:
The POTO Masquerade skirt has been re-vamped
There's new pics in the POTO Hannibal/Elissa costume site

June 2009:
New site (this one!) is up and running
The POTO Wedding bodice has new buttons
A research site for Venetian flag fans has been added